Falcon Trackers, in collaboration with Benzindex company, has developed a solution to prevent fuel thefts on a new level.

The solution is based on 'Pilot' transportation control system. Benzindex company in its turn integrates in the system fuel cards transaction data.

We analyzed fuel frauds made my drivers and we claim that there is only one option to nip it in the bud to unite in a single system data readings from fuel sensors installed on a vehicle and fuel cardstransaction data. This is exceptional and unique for the field of fuel theft and fraud is realized in our joint solution with Benzindex.

The system automatically analyses time and location of fuel station where transaction is made and compares it with location of the vehicle when refueled. If the locations do not match, a special report is formed in email or text formats. This option effectively avoids refueling inappropriate vehicles.

The system compares the fuel volume recorded in transaction information and volume actually poured in the tank. When it differs a special report is generated and email / text notification is sent.

Use of fuel cards jointly with 'Pilot' fleet management system eliminates the risks of fraud by drivers: misuse of cards for refueling vehicles on the side and theft of money deposited on the card when a driver and cashier conspire. As a result of such integration, our clients receive the following additional options:

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